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Flat design for 6-7
Flat design for 6-7

Cards included: Yes
Ten in form of 10: Yes
Ten in form of T: Yes
Yellow spades: Yes
Black spades: Yes

Chips included: Yes

Support TableNinja: Yes

Designer: trmk koronkov_michael -

Choose a convenient way for you to pay. After you pay your layout will appear in the "Purchased mods"

Automatic payment methods (layout will be available within a few minutes):

Semi-automatic methods of payment (layout will be available during the day):

Amount for payment different from the amounts on the site in a big side because payment system takes commission for payment.
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Price: $21,97
Last updated mod: 16-05-2020, 05:38
#43  Wrote: trmk 20 February 2016 11:53
ollleegg, я имел ввиду, что вообще не работает.
#42  Wrote: ollleegg 20 February 2016 11:41
Есть еще хоть один человек у кого не работает ниндзя?
Есть. Горячие клавиши некорректно работают пр игре с картами в комплекте. Еще при сворачивание стола открывается окно options.
#41  Wrote: trmk 18 February 2016 12:36
Есть еще хоть один человек у кого не работает ниндзя?

Stefan4305, If someone else is unsubscribed, then just a problem in the layout. In the meantime, there is an assumption that you have a problem, but not with the layout.
#40  Wrote: Stefan4305 18 February 2016 12:25
Hi , yes build 11981 and table ninja 2 invalid Themes.
#39  Wrote: trmk 18 February 2016 11:30
Цитата: Stefan4305
Is not working with table nija

you're the first one does not work. table nija2?

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