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Rotate Deck
Rotate Deck

Ten in form of 10: Yes
Ten in form of T: Yes
Yellow spades: No
Black spades: Yes

Support TableNinja: No

Designer: T56X t56x_pokerlayout -

Choose a convenient way for you to pay. After you pay your layout will appear in the "Purchased mods"

Automatic payment methods (layout will be available within a few minutes):

Semi-automatic methods of payment (layout will be available during the day):

Amount for payment different from the amounts on the site in a big side because payment system takes commission for payment.
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Last updated mod: 17-08-2011, 08:55
#18  Wrote: T56X 31 December 2019 07:24
Alex1979, привет, да. Сделал ее бесплатной, можно скачивать.
#17  Wrote: Alex1979 31 December 2019 07:02
Добрый день! Подскажите - эта колода рабочая на данный момент?

Good day! Is this deck work or no now?
#16  Wrote: Banana12 7 January 2018 05:30

can you suggest a theme , to get work it ? thank you for your response
#15  Wrote: T56X 7 January 2018 00:55
Banana12, any theme in which cards set wide apart. I added to your account Create Deck. Try.
#14  Wrote: Banana12 7 January 2018 00:48

instead of the default theme, which theme should i use, to get work it ?! then i take the create deck

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